What You Can Do On This Site

The Welikia Project Hear Welikia pronounced aims to re-discover the natural history of New York City as it existed in pre-European times.  This website serves to bring the Welikia Project to you. Use it to:

Explore Welikia! Go to the virtual Welikia Hear Welikia pronounced map on our Explore page to see Mannahatta and the rest of Welikia from any location. Join the Mannahatta community by sponsoring the block where your apartment building, office or hotel is today or support the development of Welikia by sponsoring your borough!  As we develop more information about the historical ecology of Welikia, we will serve it through this site.
Learn about the Science Behind Welkia Go to our Science page to learn more about the science and technology involved in recreating an historical landscape.
Download Scientific Data! The Mannahatta Project created hundreds of layers of digital data. We will be making many of these available to the public for non-commercial use on our Downloads page. Future data releases about Welikia will also be available here.
Download the Mannahatta Curriculum The Mannahatta Project created a series of place-based lesson plans for elementary and high school students, designed to meet New York State standards. Teachers can use these lessons to teach students about history, geography, and ecology in a fun and inspiring way.  We are looking for funds to expand these lessons for the other four boroughs.
Sign up for a Mannahatta Teacher Training We are offering trainings for New York City school teachers through the Bronx Zoo education department. Trainers will model lessons from the Mannahatta curriculum as well as find other wildlife related curricula.  As we develop new materials for Welikia, we plan to make them also available through dedicated teacher training opportunities.
Discuss Welikia Want to talk about Welikia-related issues with other people just like you? Then go to our Discussion page. Select from five topics: art, education, urban planning, science, or general discussion.
Find out about Mannahatta and Welikia Events Go to our News page to find out about upcoming Mannahatta walking tours, talks, book signings, exhibitions, and other events.