11th St & 12th St between Avenue B & Avenue A

Welcome to a wild place: this block in 1609! Through the tabs below, discover the wildlife, Native American use, and landscape factors of this block's original ecology, as reconstructed by the Mannahatta Project. You can also explore the block today and sponsor the Mannahatta Project into the future.


People lived on Mannahatta long before Europeans arrived. Here learn about possible Lenape use of this block four hundred years ago and some of the species they may have hunted, fished and gathered.

Probability bars indicate relative suitability/probability of use; estimates are based on analysis of archaeological information and landscape models for Mannahatta. For more information, read Mannahatta: A Natural History of New York City (2009).

Lenape Habitat Probability/
Human habitat suitability
Distance to nearest Lenape encampment (meters): 1,727
Distance to nearest Lenape trail (meters): 364
Selected species
Common Name Scientific Name
Eastern Box Turtle
White-tailed Deer
Wood Duck
Eastern Mud Turtle
Selected species
Common Name Scientific Name
Red-breast sunfish
Sea lamprey
Redfin pickerel
Yellow perch
Selected species
Common Name Scientific Name
red chokeberry
great ragweed
gray dogwood
fox grape
black chokeberry